Bhrukta Rahita Taraka Rajayoga

Master C.V.V Namaskaram
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Cosmic Volunteers Vahini:

As The New Direct Line Reaching Centenary Period, With A View To Spread The Line Of Activity, Activating Kundalinies In Multitude So As That Cosmic Kundalini To That Extent Will Be Activated, And Sincere Dedicated Sadhakas, Who Practice Yoga For Yoga Purpose Only I.e. For Elevation Of Self And Humanity Speeding The Process, For Early Reaching And Attaining Independency For Human Kingdom. Also As The Universal Yoga Is Intended For Whole Of Mankind, Without Limitation Of Caste, Colour, Creed, Religion Or Area / Country / Continent, Yoga Sadhakas Throughout The Globe Are To Be Initiated And Practice Throughout The World At The Local 6am And 6pm For Universal Developmental Activities.

During The Special Gathering At Particulars Time If All The Sadhakas Practice The Same Names Or Prayers, The Prayers Expected To Have Prominent Effect. The Formation Of Cosmic Volunteers Vahini With The Sincere Active And Dedicated And Disciplines Commander-Like Selected Sadhakas With Will Power Planning Programme And Executing Capabilities Cosmic Volunteers Vahini Can Itself Work Wonders For Emancipation Of Mankind And Welfare Of Humanity Leading To Development With Peace, Fraternity, Merry Life And Physical Eternity, The Highest Goal Of Line As Visualized, Per Masters View.

This Is Planned To Suit The Centenary Turning Of Yoga Nearing In 2010 And We Hope Master Lead Us Onwards Through His Grace, Guidance, Plan, Protection And Programme, And Selected Sadhakas Graduated In Their Field Of Spiritual Line Listed For Higher Awakening, Join The Stream, For Fruitful And Matured Higher Activity For The Highest Reaching With Pure Love, Universal Friendship, And We Principle, United Activity In Mutual Interest For Common Goal Of Briktha Rahitha Tharaka Raja Yoga
Sidhi, Physical Eternity And Physical Independency, Satyayoga Sidhi And Onset Of Satya Yuga, By The Highest First Absolute Master Cvv`S Grace, Guidance, Plan, Protection And Programme.

Every Sincere Truth-Seeker Peace-Loving Higher Developing Soul Is Invited To Share The Fruits Of Satya Yoga, Peace, Progress, Health, Timely-Help And Continuous Higher Elevation Until Reaching Goal.

To work in lines of freemasonery like voluntary global organization: master cvv yoga sadhakas throughout the world work for spreading the fruits of yoga for development elevating the entire human kingdom to divine fitness.

Interested yoga shadhakas may contact us, who will be supported through contact by interaction, e-mail or phone and on requirement in person. periodical gatherings may be held on need based place and time. Practice and involvement evolves volunteers who in turn spread the activity as, a candle lights another candle and spreads the light, as stars lighting the sky. Shining gives confidence and confidence spreads the activity. The members can, not only practice and develop but also help themselves and others in treatment which symbolizes rarified use of yoga energy on spiritual development.