Bhrukta Rahita Taraka Rajayoga

Master C.V.V Namaskaram
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Q.. How to do Practice?

A. Pratice:

The Chief thing you all will have to observe during your daily course of practice is what is going on in your system without any concentration. Disciples can sit in any posture as they like to practice the same. All should attend to the practice fully after taking bath. The religious practices should not be clubbed with, you should not utter other manthras.

One has to practice 45 mins, daily three times. In the morning in between 4 to 8 A.M. and in the evening 6 to 8 P.M.(pl. consider local time with respect to their geographic locations) and at the bed time a review prayer. The Sun controls the whole cosmos from 4 A.M. to 4 P.M. The Moon controls the cosmos from 4 P.M. to 4 A.M. One prayer removes the one birth’s karmic effects. Practice must be done without break and flaw (i.e., without deviating the rules and regulations of Master C.V.V). Minimum 10 years practice is essential.

Q. What type of yoga we have to follow?

A. Pathanjali Maharshi wrote ‘Astanga yoga sutras’. In that ‘Samadhi’
(Unconscious state) is the highest thing. At that time the sadhaka is loosing
His physical consciousness. He does not know what is happening and what is going
On in his inner body. After coming to physical consciousness, he is not in a
Position to recollect his experiences in ‘Samadhi’ state. Hence his yoga sadhana
Is not useful for the human (inner) development.

But I am saying that in Briktha Rahita Taraka Rajayoga the sadhaka never looses
His physical consciousness even at ‘Samadhi’ level. I will reveal to the
Sadhaka through Kundalini what is going on in his inner? Gradually, I will give
The practitioner according to his level daily development and make him to
Realize the lord within physical body. Lastly, the sadhaka will get eternity
With this physical body i.e., with flesh and blood.

In this process different methods were formulated and it was declared by
Pathanjali Rishi that Raja yoga is the best of all. This is also being called
Ashtanga Yoga.

By this method of yoga at the time of cessation of expiration if the kundalini
Power begins to work in the body, outside consciousness will cease, and a state
Of Samadhi will occur. It is very difficult to attain this state and it is more
Difficult to achieve that state. It is stated as dogma that if it (cessation of
Expiration happens and the kundalini begins to work in the body) so happens the
Kundalini will enable one to attain the pure state by stages.

This society is started for the above reasons with the object of making all
Human beings without any exception to realize the lord within this physical body
Through the wisdom revealed by kundalini in a conscious state and make them
Adepts by enabling them to clear their doubts through internal interpellations.
(Independence Declaration dated 1-7-1910)

Q. Is it said that Eternity is attained by all those who are doing yoga practice.
Whether it will be attainable by those who are following rules and regulations or for all? How to do the Prayer? Kindly give details?

A. If we want to tell about it, we have to discuss elaborately. We will
Discuss it later. First I will tell what MTA said about this.

One must give off misapprehension .He should not be in
Preoccupied mind. Who are praying with utmost devotion, diligent faith with
Purified heart, such persons will be awarded the eternity. Not only that who are
Regularly praying in morning and evenings at prescribed timings with 45 minutes
Inner observation. But also who are observing daily developments. Such persons
Only will get the yoga fulfillment – CVV explanations.

Q. At which time we have to do the prayer? Whether Master has
Stated anything about it?

A It Is Good to Practice Prayer at 6 am, 12 pm and 6pm.
For ladies it is relaxed between 6-8 am and 6-8 pm.

Q. Master said that “Thought Power is most important” for
Master’s yoga. Kindly explain how to improve the ‘Thought Power’?

A. Master said that ‘thought power’ is important. On one
Occasion Master said, we need not satisfy by sounds but to show in action as a
Living proof. (Diary P.No.441)

In another context it is said, Even though the food quantity is less the system
Will not be too weak. The organs work will be in proper working and will not show
Decay state so as to show 30 years strength in ordinary life. Controlling effect
Will act. Thought form will act correctly. If a thought is given it will have
Effect. You can act as yes or no, getting reply. (Diary P.No.452, dated 21.4.1922)

In Master’s yoga not only ‘thought power’ but also ‘inner observation’ is very
much important.

While doing prayer if we request the Master with a good will for development
Relating to yoga, He will bless us with development. While doing sadhana so many suggestions may come. When these suggestions are happening cent percent, then we can say that our ‘thought power’ is working correctly. Out of hundred only four or five are happening, then we should understand that deluding one is cheating us.

Under those situations we have to request Master like this. O Lord! Deluding one
Is cheating me. Kindly drive this away. O my divine supreme! Kindly give me
Proper suggestions, which show the right path. When you make a request and appeal
With diligent faith, with sincere heart, with intensity of devotion, then Master
Gives us right suggestions.

Lastly, what I want say that thought power can be improved only through inner
Observation. You too try for it and get good results.

Q. Sir, you told about inner observation. How we can get it? For that what we have to do?

A. Regarding this I told in our discussions here and there. In Masters Diary
It is mentioned in so many places. Even we have written in the introduction pages
Of 35, 36, and 37 of Diary. Even then I will tell.

Prior to the commencement of Prayer you have to come fifteen minutes in advance and sit for prayer. Without having any pre-conceived notions in mind. With a good will you have to pray like this “This yoga line should develop me and those who are doing yoga should develop. We and our neighbors living in this world should be blessed with happy and pleasures. Master should descend with physical body and establish eternity on this earth.”

Then some divine power will touch our head, from there it circulate around head
Turn goes to eyes, later right shoulder from there downwards, later upwards,
Further from left shoulder towards down and upward direction next it enters
Heart, lungs and reaches kundalini through alimentary canal. This we have to

This will be done through nerves. Very minute movements will be there. This we have to observe. This power will shake kundalini to that extent of with
Standing capacity of practitioner. From there that power will work as if using a
Synergy. Mahatma to Master explains how to observe this with inner and it is
Available in Diary. (see Diary P.No. 282, 283, 355, 412, 414, 422) It is also
Available in many other places. You will get details if you go through
Literature. In one place MTA has said. But for the stimulance they have, it will
Not be visible. Further I also propose that they should not use stimulant things.
(M.L. P.No.422)

In another place MTA has stated about the father of Master Sri Kuppuswamy Iyer, M.No.15, His stimulancy not yet subsided, and the vigor not shows for currential movements in the system. So, the touch being in the physical and in the astral. (M.L. P.No. 480)

Some sadhakas are not able to over come the habit of smoking and doing prayer
Violating the principles of Master’s rules and regulations what they are
Observing they alone know.

You should not have questionable character.

Q. Sir! It is stated that yogi is superior to all. Can you please tell why it is so?

A. You have asked me to explain how yogi is superior to all.
Let me tell you about who are all the rest. Then I will establish
the greatness of yogi on the basis of ‘sastras’. Later I will prove
That Master’s yoga is superior to all the remaining yogas.

It is stated in the scripture of ‘Vimanarchana Kalpam’ relating
to Sri Vaikhanasa Sastra that God can be worshipped through Japa,
Hutha, Archana and Meditation.

Japa means reciting mantras like Gayathri, Ashtakshari and Dwadasakshari
etc., in a fixed number like one hundred and eight or one thousand eight etc.
In spite of the above, an individual is not getting any self realization (Atma Gnana).

Hutha means performing yagnas, yagas and Homas through fire. Even in this
method also an individual is not getting self realization.

Archana means worshipping the Idol through vedic path.

Brahma and Siva are having only one type of idol. Vishnu will be in many
forms just like the potter prepares pots, plates, torches, flowerwages,
flower pots, etc.
Through the idol worship the Brahmins and other Non Brahmins who are residing
in villages and agraharams will get fruit of punya (merit) equalent to the
Performance of sacrifices. It will clear the sins of eternal fire worshippers
And give all types of development. (see page 3-4, Vaikhanasa Kalpasutra)

Let us hear what is said by MTA regarding Idol worship.
"If the satisfaction be in one side to visit swami in pilgrims then, the soul
Is only authorized to do that action. Why does that swami gives trouble some
To the human dress of man who is called a man when he desires to go out in
Nights or in day periods. How is that?

For the question put to my decision I now give response to that, that the
Worldly people don’t understand themselves even after giving so many evidences
As written statements by the Theosophical Society still they have got some
Confusion to decide their own decisions. But for the wrong side of opinions
Picking out from the reservoir they are specially warned and requested
Themselves to go to that temper, when one has not really created so. Then
With the aid of my eye-witness I prove with these following lines to have
A glance for their consideration to note these contents, that something
What I now quote here as soul, from my experience that the same has been
Put up in the bodily functions for necessities, which is even now in the
Eye evidence of each and every one in the world. But the contract of souls
May be in different lines, however that something has given permission to
Utilize it. But the people have not done it, for which, I feel regret that
Their constitutional wisdom is deteriorating, owing to the cause of, the
Human forgetfulness. That is why he let loses his own strain to show even
By the eye evidence of pilgrims. What is cause on the whole thing done by men,
Only the reason or effect of utilizing their own sentiments to the remote of
Self culturing something given by the same thing, to develop to certain
Latitude. Then men may have not anything for their troublesome deeds, but the
Run of the succeeding progress in the successive periods will be for ever in
Any manner, as they wish to note, what the conscience permits him to do, but
Not in the wrong side. The pilgrims in the world have been created only for the
Illiterates who have not got any idea observing in the self human progress
Witnessing in daily actions, to me the people to understand what it is, which
Have been called by men in world as Swami, Soul, and Prana etc.
(M.L. P 391 To 394)

This idol worship evolved into Bhakthi path. This ‘Bhakthi’ path is of nine
Type’s viz., Sravanam (listening), Keerthanam (Praising of Vishnu) Smaranam
(Remembering Vishnu), Padasevanam (Serving the feet), Archanam (performing
Pooja with 108 or 1008 names), Vandanam (Prostrations or Salutations), Daasyam
(rendering service), Sakhyam (friendship), Atmanivedanam (Selfsacrification).
That means hearing the stories of Vishnu, singing songs on him, remembering
His stories, serving his feet, worshipping, prostrating, doing service like
A slave, making friendship with God, then consecration of self etc. of nine types.

Meditation is above all these steps. The ghee of milk, oil of sesames, fragrance
Of flowers, and juice of fruits are invisible. Like that the divine lord is pure,
Devoid of qualities and formless. To know Him ancestors left to forests, gave up
Food and sleep, etc. meditated for years together, suffered and made deep long

To do meditation following eligibilities are needed. Those qualifications are
Like this. Taking birth in Brahmin dynasty and marry a Brahmin woman. For the
Purification of seed and field there are six samskaras viz., ‘Nisheka,
Rutusangamana, Garbhadana, pumsavana, seemantha and Vishnu bali’.

For the attainment of Brahmanathva, eight ‘samskaras’ called as Jathakarma,
Utthana, Nama Karana (naming ceremony), Annaprasana, Pravasagamana, Pindavardhana, chowlaka, and Upanayana (Thread ceremony).

For the attainment of Srotriyathva, four samskaras known as ‘Parayanavrathabhanga, visarga, upakarma, samavarathana and panigrahna. Like this one might have been reformed with eighteen samskaras.

Later he has to do regularly every day Brahma, Deva, Pitru, Bhutha and Manushya yagnas which are five in number.

Then he has to do according to particular time and seasons seven paka yagnas known as sthalipaka, Agrayanam, Ashtaka, Pindapitru, Masisraddam, chaitri and Aswayuji.

Seven Haviryagnas known as Agnyadheyam, Agnihotram, Darsapurnimasam, Agrayanam, Chaturmasyam, Nirudhapasubandham and Soutramani are to be performed according to the particular times and seasons.

Seven somayagnas known as Agnisthoma, Athyagnisthoma, Ukthya, Shodasi, Vajapeyee, Athirathra and Apthoryama are to be performed according to the particular times and seasons.

These twenty two yagnas are to be performed in order to see ‘vishnu loka’ (refer
Sri Vaikhanasa Kalpasutram 1-7 written by Sri Vikhanasa Maharshi).

The person who is born to a Brahmin as explained above and Brahmin woman known as ‘Matru’. If he does savitri after upanayanam, he will be called as Brahmana
After upanayanam if he studies Vedas and perform sthalipakam like seven paka yagnas he will be called as ‘Srotriya’.

If this srotriya happen to be Swadhyapara and Nityagnihotra and performs seven
Haviryagnas, he will be called as ‘Anuchana’.

If this ‘Anuchana’ performs seven Soma Yagnas, he will be known as "Bhruna".

This ‘Bhruna’ if he practice Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Prathyahara, Dhyana, Dharana and Samadhi as stipulated in Ashtanga Yoga Marga,
he will be called as "Rushikalpa".

What is meant by Yama?

This is consisting of Non-violence, truth, non-stealing, celibacy, kindness,
Arjavam kshaanti, courage, limited diet and Soucham.

Niyama is consisting of Tapas, santhosha, Asthikya, Dana, Vishnuworship,
Vedarthasravanam Shy in wicked deeds, Diligence in the gospel of Master (Guru),
recitation of Manthra and Homam.

Aasanas are three viz.,
Brahmam, Swasthikam and Padmam are the best quality ones.
Gomukha, Simha and Mukhta asanas are of medium quality.
Veera, Bhadra and Mayura asanas are of lower quality.

Pranayama is consisting of Rechaka, Pooraka and Kumbhaka.

Pratyahara is fixing respiration in 18 type’s viz.,
Padangushtha, Gulpha, Janghamadhyan, Chithimula, Janumadhya, Urumadhya, Payumula, Dehamadhya, Medhramula, Nabhimula, Hrudayamula, Kantamula, Talumula, Nasikamula, Akshimandala, Bhrumadhyam, (lalata) and in Murdhana.

Meditation is of three types. Pure, Formless and Idol.

The following six viz., Yama, Niyama, Asana (posture), Pranayama
(regulating respiration), Prathyahara and Dhyanas (Meditation) are relating
to Vedic paths. While the rest i.e. Dharana and Samadhi are non Vedic paths.

Dharana means meditation

(1) Padadijanu paryantham prithvisthanam ‘Lakara’ of Aniruddha,
(2) Janu payal paryantham Jala sthanam ‘Vakaram’ of Achyutha,
(3) from payu up to Hrudaya paryantham Agnisthanam ‘Ratha’ of Sathyhamurthy,
(4) from Hrudaya to Brumadhya (Eyebrow Centre) Paryantham vayusthanam Yakaram’ purushamurthy,
(5) from Eye brow centre upto the Moordhantham (Top of the head) Akasasthanam
‘Hakaram’ samyutha (inclusive) of Vishnu.

These five virtues belongs to meditation of Vishnu.

Samadhi means one type - totally these are 59 types.
One who practices these 59 types. Studies chattrvedas viz., Rug, Yajur, Sama,
Atharvana, six Vedangas, Siksha, Vyakarana, Chandas,. Niruktha, Jyothisha, and
Kalpa and doing tapas is called as ‘Rishi’.

One who studies what all studied by Rishi and doing Meditative tapas with the
belief that "Narayana" is the Supreme Divine is know as "Muni".

It is said that, if one does all these things, he gets Animadi siddhis and
becomes Jeevanmukta. (See Marichi Vimanarchana Kalpam Page No.511 to 521).

Since it is not possible to meditate Narayana like this in all times and in
all seasons, five idols were made for panchabhuthas (five elements) and were
asked to do idol worship. (see Vimanarchana Kalpam Page No.521).

There will be so much strain for body and mind to do all these things. If at all
one is able to do meditation up to last by withstanding all these then he will
attain samadhi stage. But he will be in such a state not knowing what has happened
in his body, After coming to normal state from samadhi he is feeling happy
thinking that some ecstasy he experienced, but not in a position to tell what
has happened.

Hence the old schools are telling that who has practiced up to meditation is a yogi
and he is superior.

Now let us hear what happens in Master’s yoga.

MTA said to Master in one place.

They might have heard that it is said in the sastrams as there will be 14 Manus
and they are the 6th and 7th root race, Manu who will rule the world, as the Manus
said in the sastrams. In order to bring the nation, so as to be useful for the
guidance of his objects, to let loose to the world, by means of practicing in a
short cut line, to attain the powers and more, as the ancient rushis attained as
you have heard. (M.L.P.No.403-404)

To tell him that you are a yogi in gruhastha. In this yoga there is no virakthi
margam to follow. No pranayama practice. In Gnana, Tapa, Yoga, the Bhogas mentioned are to enjoy by becoming a yogi in this line.
Bogakaraka work will be enjoyed by; the Master after ten years of his beginning. So the disciples will share its result according to their progress shown. (Diary P.No.327)

Veda pra yoga – Gnanam
Yoga pra yoga – Kundalini

The fruit is called Gnanam. (RSG Notes, Dt.28.05.1915)

Finally we can come to the conclusion that the paths of old school causes
fatigue to this body. That is why the origin has made this yoga in short cut
route in order to give Eternity (which was unattainable by the old schools)
to the entire man kind without any discrimination of caste, creed, colour or
religion and without causing any trouble to this body continuing Grihasthasrama.

Another important issue is that the old schools are formed for the development
of an individual. But this yoga is formed for the upliftment of entire mankind.
In short cut route without much trouble Master has acquired many siddhis like Anima, Laghima, Garima which is known as Yatha Kamana Kayathva.

Anima, Laghima, Mahima, Prapti, Prakamyam, Vasathvam, Eesathvam, and Garima are
eight siddhis and are obtainable through yoga.

1. Anima: By acquiring this, ones physical body will get subtle (minute) form
and will have the power of going to any place at any time.

2. Laghima: Because of acquiring this, person who is having physical body will have
the power of flying in the sky like small particle of cotton.

3. Mahima: By acquiring this, ones body will have the power to increase in size
up to Naganaga level (Iravatha mountain)

4.Garima: This is otherwise also known ‘yatha kamana kayathva' and by acquiring
this one will have the power to stick on to Truth determination and
will have the power to change the forms of elements. Even he can save
the person from poisoning after making him to take poison. He is capable
of removing the qualities in poison which takes life and in its place
can infuse the life saving power (see ‘vibhutipadam’ of patanjali yoga sutras)

Master had all these four Mahimas, hence it seems he attempted to avoid death.
Master has formed frist group with few members. The following particulars reveal
their development in earlier births.

1. Sri T. Habilaiah. He has joined yoga on 22.6.1912.
He practiced along with Master daily. But his name is
not found in the mediums list. We do not know the
reason for it. In the first list Smt. Venkamma’s name
was removed and his name was included. Master recorded
that he is the fraction of Vagisha Rushi (that means

2. Sri C.A. Sankara Sastry, M.No.12 is the fraction of Prathyeya Rushi.

3. Sri B.S.Krishna Murthy, M.No.19 is the fraction of Gargya Rushi.

4. Sri C. Radhakrishna Pillai, M.No.26 is the fraction of Kanada Rushi.
(Master said that all these four are developed up to "Rushi" level)

5. It is said that Sri V. Ramachandra Iyer, M.No.11 is the fraction of
Lakhitha Muni and he is developed up to "Muni" level.
The stage of muni is higher than Rushi. (see D.P.No.13, dated 29.09.1912)

On this basis we will come to know that after seeing through the sight
(Divya Dhrishthi) first group was formed with the mediums who were developed
in earlier births.

Because of above mentioned facts the yogi is called as great and superior.

What I say is that those who are following Bhruktha Rahitha Taraka Rajayoga
i.e., Master’s Yoga / New Yoga / Scientific Yoga without deviation by strictly
adhering the rules and regulations and doing prayer and inner observation are
greater than all yogis of old schools.

The aim of Master CVV's Yoga: To Conquer the death / Physical Immortality.

The Master CVV's Yoga (New Yoga) was started by Master CVV for the following reasons:

1. "The secrets and the cause of the creation are taught here in simple manner to make one a wise however ignorant or poor one may be. Ways are being paved to give all wisdom during family life itself without discarding it, to be without disease, old age and death. Not only we but also those who are closely associated with us will enjoy these fruits".
--- MTa (Independence Declaration, Dt. 7th Jan 1910, 5:20 p.m.)

2. "To keep you without death and birth and to make you realize the 'Deluding One' ".

--- MTA(Disobedience cannot be tolerated, dt. 25th Nov 1912)

3. "This New Yoga is enabling all to enjoy all the Siddis, obtainable by Yoga, in this physical body and in full conscious state. I have given you directions, symbolic ways for your development. You must try to learn the meaning of these symbols and then question me, if you have any doubts".

--- MTA (Pillar Test, Dt. 28th Aug 1917)

4. "Recalling the Dead":

The dead whose body was burnt.
Whose body still here but life extrivent.
Those about to die, stopping their death.
When after two months, the matter is collected by stability in the man(the father) and ground is not ready, it will return seven times like this it will do.(RSG Notes) By this 4 Dead occurances has been tried.
--- MTA