Bhrukta Rahita Taraka Rajayoga

Master C.V.V Namaskaram
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Lotus Congregation 2013 is scheduled to be held on 14th and 15th September at M Y R Kalyanamantapam, formerly AP Lightings, Bellary Road, Anantapuram.
Lotus congregation symbolizes the thousand petalled lotus, which is the sahasrahara of human beings, the highest in the human system. Master initiated total thousand Sadhakas, comprising 752 direct mediums and rest indirect mediums. One thousand or more than 1000, from 5 years to 50 yrs of age will participate.
All open hearted with pure love, practicing sadhakas of all direct mediums, assemble on a common platform and do sankalpa or invocation Prayers for yoga timely development, and work for individual improvement and collective development leading to fulfillment. Aiming mainly overcome differences, if any and cultivate central view, Master’s view, without criticizing and work for Self purification, working so busy for perfection, they do not find time to criticize Other co-mediums and other seekers.

Also yoga sadhakas at different centers also got the thought of Lotus, and in mutual Consultation found the common experience and attempted level best to do needful, And Kumbhakonam Master’s birthday congregation activated and paved the way for Lotus as per declaration on 04th August 2000.

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CENTY MEANS CENTENARY AND YOGA TURNS CENTENERY BY THE YEAR 2010 (The yoga was started by the benign MASTER ON 30.05.1910 AT 8.30 PM) and as such 10th decade and new century 2000 turning to start of new century and last decade of yoga centenary Period. To spread and cultivate WE principle, pure love activity, Universal Friendship and develop the central view from Masters View and United prayers With Invocations encouraging all the yoga sadhakas of all followers of all direct Mediums, to have common prayers at a common place, easing the way for ALL MASTER YOGA PRACTITIONERS pray unitedly to Master for individual improvement and collective yoga development and early fulfillment, as per MASTERS PRINCIPLES,

Centenary Celebrations 2009 - 2010


Master cvv Yoga has started in August 1910 and we are reaching 100 years. We had Centenary Celebrations from 2009 Aug - 2010 Aug. In Regards to this we conducted Prayers,Lotus Congregations all through the Year. 

The Lotus Congregations started on resolution and acceptance at Kumbhakonam Yoga School on 04-08-2000 Master’s Birthday.

So far Lotus congregations celebrated as follows with the cooperation and full support of Yogalaya Mithra Mandali, The Kumbhakonam Yoga School Friends Society as follows:

1.     Lotus Congregation – 2000: Hyderabad

2.     Lotus Congregation –2001: Piduguralla  

3.     Lotus Congregation – 2002: Piduguralla

4.     Lotus Congregation – 2003: Ananthapur

5.     Lotus Congregation – 2004: Rajahmundry

6.     Lotus Congregation -  2005: Kumbhakonam

7.     Lotus Congregation -  2006: Guntur

8.     Lotus Congregation -- 2007: Bangalore 

9.     Lotus Congregation -- 2008: Vijayawada

10.   Lotus Congregation -  2009: Hyderabad

11.   Lotus Congregation -  2010:  Kumbhakonam

12.   Lotus Congregation – 2011: Bellary (Karnataka) 

13.   Lotus Congregation -  2012 :  Karimnagar 

14.   Lotus Congregation -  2013 September Anantapur  




Lotus Congregation – 2013 on 14th and 15th September at Anantapur

Dates: 14/Sep/2013 and 15/Sep/2013

Venue: M Y R Kalyanamantapam, formerly AP Lightings, Bellary Road, Anantapuram

All Master Yoga practicing Sadhakas are invited and for more details kindly contact Shri R.S.P. Sastry at his hyderabad contact number 9502418799  or at



We pray master to shine and cooperate from each every master yoga sadhaka to cooperate by shining the master spirit and help yoga timely development for each and every yoga sadhaka and united development for yoga fulfillment. We request not to criticise any other line and more so any other master yogasadhaka as master path is to convince, love and support development, as each initiated yoga sadhaka adds to that extent the yoga proper. Not expected to hurt even for his own good cause and development. The approach should be not only from our side but from his side also as everybody trys to do his best, as do self before development.







The central view /master view is all are equal for master, as radius from the centre of circle. All points do reach centre though apparently each is opposite to the other point on way towards the centre. overall view, central view is wholesome central view leads to center. As seven rays unitedly shine colourless, all united to develop the peaceful, pure reaching by masters grace, guidance, plan, protection and programme let purity, pure love, universal friendship spread master yoga for the benefit, welfare and upliftment, physical independence of all humanity from clutches of bondage on nature, planets and human limitations like karma etc., and enable live peacefully, healthy and confidence of timely help if sincere follow yoga rules culture pure love, we principle, maithri principle, maitreya activity and practice the yoga without break as per masters principles.