Bhrukta Rahita Taraka Rajayoga

Master C.V.V Namaskaram
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Thought form is very powerful, in that thought-form is covered by life-trons or life-IONS and possibly can reach the target crossing all hindrances. Also yoga sadhaka is advised not to culture any –ve thought, in that any action +ve or –ve start working from the point of origin i.e., Sadhaka. All systems are not similar; some are Kundalini moulded and some stability moulded. Some systems react as audio, some as video and some kineasthetic (Feelings/Thought). Also working once observed will not normally repeat and for same name same time, sadhakas experience differs from one another.

Then only he will know the working of the Engine, where the Engine is kept for his development. If you go through this; what are the functions going on in your body will be known to you.

Master CVV Namaskaram

Weekly prayers

Saturday –

Seven Adjustments

Course names:

1.       Masters Adjustments in Masters Regulations

2.       Memoria new model pituitary regulation adjustment

3.       Vigour supply adjustment (to be practiced in standing posture)

4.       Chronic disease rectification Adjustment

5.       Astral separation adjustment

6.       Breathing boring chemical change adjustment
Breathing boring chemical fitting regulation adjustment

7.       Memoria sight adjustment
Master’s memoria sight adjustment

Friday –

13 Planetary forces

Course names:

1.       Epithelial Ulans

2.       Jaggery Tyres

3.       Smalls

4.       Small quarters

5.       Arbuncle quills

6.       Quill higher angle quarters

7.       Shatters

8.       Causes involving fainters

9.       Jesters

10.   Jesters branches

11.   Firely cells

12.   Cells Merchery


13.   Kundalini Featers

Lagna Regulations Names

Master CVV Namaskaram

Masters Adjustments

Lagna Regulations Adjustments in Masters Regulations

1.       Aries – Mesham: Beater beginning roller bidding borders build up throws

2.       Taurus Vrishabham: Waiter verify branches 100 beaters ordinary Workers of Sources

3.       Gemini – Mithunam: Tutor beginning  truth level throws two kinds of knowledge Mithuna group throws

4.       Cancer – Karkatakam: Vendors of surrounders, when the blazing throws, when the blazing knowledge Verify groups origin wait limit border katakam communicate throws

5.       Leo – Simham: Caller cosmos kinds of cosmos convert cosmos Christ turn out Christ knowledge tremendous turnout telephone telegraph telescope workings ordinary simha actions of throws

6.       Virgo – Kanya: Order of Origin bidding of fulcrum Kundalini of middle line meet up turn out millions of kundalinies meeter of kanni-twinkle of throws

7.       Libra – Tula: Signor simplex delicate commander-in-chief systematic workings Seventh working turn out humbles of origin acing of Energy thula howls borings of throws

Special Tula Lagna Regulation name: Thula lagnam signor seed principles swiftly Kundalini Beat beginning verify unlimited conductor anonymous origin throws

8.       Scorpio – Vrischikam: simple of improvement inner gone every most economical equal side independence inner side Eacult knowledge Visrchika independence knowledge equal of knowledge in the sky

9.       Sagittarius – Dhanassu: Husber knowledge activity knowledge origin knowledge borings of bore Dhanus development dimension of document dried method divisions Direct line bore (died)

10.   Capricorn – Makaram: Haller of activity howls of activity highest group activity howls borings throws Makaram of Mars type minute spread up manas method meridian deep system of workings of dip devides

11.   Brickser – Kumbham: Brickser of balance military of methods maintain millions peculiarities previous system specific level paint Kumbham peculiarity fried Pendants of throws


12.   Pisces – Meenam: Warder pendulum of knowledge painter symbol select of knowledge seventh globe rotations seven meena ten turnings sometimes of settles severe of sudden shains borings of throws


Master CVV Namaskaram

Nakshatra Regulations (From Diary 11, Page 35 – Master CVV 5.4.1919)

Master CVV Namaskaram

Gupta Bahistathya

Nakshatra Regulations Adjustment in Masters Regulations

1.       Punarvasu:  Sukra start superior sun centre of symmetrical (Cine material) Saturn Punarvasu proof, full orders howls Earth arrangement original Master biddings

2.       Pushyami: Highest signature self servings, Punarvasu confidence column of undertake Pushya field proof surroundings air ether vaccum verify branches

3.       Aslesha: Activity tendence Arundathi big borders origin truth levels Aslesha orders compositions connections

4.       Makha: Pit minute mercury Pillars makha minus groups marking levels minute temperament received working

5.       Pubba: Bulls truth 24 beaters Pubba beginnings beat subside beginnings wonderful

6.       Uttara: All generous temperament uttara genemum Jesters generous temperament, who said malton maintangements

7.       Hastha: Hastha bubbles howls actions of voice tremendous Either doubles unlimited origin fixed orders

8.       Chitta: Moolakapala vision Chitta most temperament moulding point Rupa aura fixed Kundalini figure settles

9.       Swathi: I said acting property origin truth Sawthi orders issued plenty of Prana paintings independent howls borings

10.   Vishakha: Orders issue arrangements Vishakha biddings 7 Jaggeries 74 cherchers signatures civil superiors

11.   Anoradha (Anooradha): Independence inner stability comet level Anoradha suit files finer grade fulcrum points fundamental further roots

12.   Jyesta: Comet sukra cosmos Jyesta generoust temperament, seven simplex sixty four values opened doors

13.   Moola: Magnetise hypnotise moola Hip instrument bones wires working verify world so high

14.   Poorvashadha: Big bracket boils small sound Poorvashadha repression radiate regulate wonders reveal aura globes regulation sports

15.   Uttarashadha: Time fix uttarashadha world original  difficulties discuss deep carry out died workings develop the source

16.   Sravanam: Subtle paint Sravana science prolong sortor conscience groups wonders globe partings settle lordians of wonders

17.   Dhanista: Marketual new model newton dhanista document develop died 10 years develop 10th rotation working wonders

18.   Satabhisha: Condense arbuncle carbon Satabhisha featers fixed Kundalini figure self workings

19.   Poorvabhadra: Dynamo argument poorvabhadra immediate inner speed pictures individual wonders

20.   Uttarabhadra: Centres serving uttarabhadra sudden of type science of knowledge sound of working wonders

21.   Revathi: Signature simplex Revathi honest honourable arrange origin provisions origin prolong borders

22.   Aswani: Cosmos bubble Aswani coverings consult turnout independence every time forces

23.   Bharani: Third column turnout Bharani bal bounders Centi seven fixed figure origin throws

24.   Krithika: Hierarchies immediate Krithika Kindles Composition rise add up running principles

25.   Rohini: Orders issue Rohini ordinary tremendous activity Romer petals lowest lored fixed figures

26.   Mrigasira: Seventy four locket Mrigasira running principles right answer monad figure moulding point of wonders


27.   Arudra: Judgement Arudra Superior swimming qualities sank sink seven workings all levels balance of guide throws