Bhrukta Rahita Taraka Rajayoga

Master C.V.V Namaskaram
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Master CVV Namaskaram

Bhrukta Rahita Taraka Rajayoga

I am always with you and within you

Prana Treat - Yoga Teach

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Bhrukta Rahita Taraka Rajayoga was started by Master C.V.V

This new yoga was first introduced in cosmos on May 30th 1910. Master C.V.V introduced the new line principle to the first batch mediums.
By uttering the manthra MASTER CVV NAMASKARAM of Bhrukta Rahita Taraka Rajayoga with great devotion and by that, they, the first batch mediums  were able to sense the vibrations in their systems; experienced relief from bodily complaints; and in a small way helped to solve their day to day problems as well.

It is a yoga in which practitioner does meditation with inner observation, of what is going on in the system, with full consciousness, and memory of what is happening in and out, as a witness observes without interference.

What will this yoga give?

This New Yoga enables all Saadhakas to realise brahmam and attain independency in this life. Also, attain siddis, obtainable by conventional yoga methods, through this physical body and in full consciousness.

Primarily the regular systematised yoga sadhana enables practitioner (1) Peace of mind (2) Normal health (for himself and he may help others retain good health and recovery on progress) (3) Timely help. The yoga sadhaka may try to know truth etc. by inner interpolations, consulting his own innerself depending on progress, in addition to guidance by seniors, yoga literature, discourses and guidane of initiated Gurus and ultimately Master.

The aim of this new yoga is the introduction of a new Life principle into the human system so, that a new line of activity is open to us. The Prana (Oxygen /Life’s Vital Force) that is being introduced by NEW YOGA comes from the same parent source but Unfettered by the restrictions to which the cosmic evolution is subject. It bores through and works its way unmolested by going on in cosmos.

Each human being possess one Kundalini i.e. one molecule which is responsible for the human body. The molecule stands in between the bowels place and urinary system of the physical body. It carries Karmic Effects from birth to birth. At Present, the previous sins are expressly experienced in the form of diseases and troubles.

There is one cosmic kundalini. In this cosmic kundalini lot of molecules are deposited. At the time of Yoga practice if the sadhaka taps the cosmic kundalini, it taps the human kundalini. Then the previous births karmic effects may be known to the Yoga practitioner. He must give a thought that these karmic effects are to be thrown out by the grace of the creator through the Master.
This yoga also gives physical health, peace of mind, and inner development through concious Meditation. It will lead us through the ways to know the secrets of creation, HIGH KNOWLEDGE WITH INNER INTERPOLATIONS,INNER OBSERVATION,WITH PHYSICAL STABILITY, MENTAL CLARITY AND BUDDHIC VIVEKA WORKINGS in normal practice, without any sort of strain, troubles, while leading family and social life normally and without any expenditure.
About Master C.V.V.
Canchupati Venkatrao Venkaswami Rao was born on 4th August 1868; Tuesday at 10:20 A.M. in Dhanishta Star Second Quarter in Kanya Lagnam at Ammal satram, Kumbakonam, Tamilanadu, India.

Just as a king knows by disguise enquiry in his kingdom and rectify systems, The Highest Absolute, the Creator came into his creation to know the defects in creation and rectify, to serve the very purpose of creation, creating perfect divine eternal beings, rectifying shortfalls and improving to further development to perfection.

Bhrukta Rahita Taraka Rajayoga:
Bhruktha means hidden. Hidden means previous birth karmic effects
Rahita means Eradication / Evaporation
Taraka means Superior
Rajayoga means one should not leave family life (need not be a Sanyasi)

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